Adjustable Spine Chiropractic Massage Instrument Electric Bone Correction Gun Activator Cervical Therapy Massager with Four Head

Adjustable Spine Chiropractic Massage Instrument Electric Bone Correction Gun Activator Cervical Therapy Massager with Four Head

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This is an adjusting instrument intended for adjustment . mobilization or manipulation of the musculoskeletal joints of the spine and extremities . or for soft-tissue musculoskeletal mobilization by a licensed health care personal only.


1. 3 levels force can be adjusted: 75N(low) . 180N(medium) . 300N(High) . meeting your various needs.
2. Built-in high frequency cooling fan can cool the machine for extending of the using life.
3. Comes with four replaceable different stylus for treating of different body parts.
4. Stable and strong strength will be provided . more effective . more comfortable.
5. Can stimulate nerve cells and the normal function of an organ resulting in rapid recovery of the body function.
6. Mechanic therapy . easy treatment . time saving . energy saving . which is a good replacement to human forces.
7. Can be used for joint relief . cervical adjustment . thoracic spondylosis . cervical spondylosis . and body treatment.

Force Adjustment Level:

Low Position: Delivering approximately 75N of force commonly used for the occiput . upper cervical spine and on excessively tender areas.Medium Position: Delivering approximately 180N of force commonly used in the lower cervical spine . thoracic and lumbar areas.
High Position: Delivering approximately 300N of force is more appropriate for the lumbar . sacrum . and sacroiliac joints.
Single Stylus: Used for adjustment or inspection of cervical vertebra . facial micro-shaping . thoracic vertebra . lumbar vertebra . scoliosisU-shape Stylus: Used for adjustment of cervical vertebrae balance(Big-U for thoracic vertebra . lumbar vertebra . small-U for cervical vertebra).
T-shape Stylus: Used for adjustment of scoliosis.


1. Improve joint pain and spasm: Neck pain . Back pain . Headache . Dizziness . Arm numbness.
2. Adjust vertebration: Stiff vertebral syndrome . Movement disorders . Thoracic spine syndrome . Gastrointestinal dysfunction.
3. Body Beauty: Humpback . Torticollis . Buttock Lift . In-toeing . Toe out and other symptoms.
4. Delay bone age.


Item Type: Chiropractic Tool
Material: Stainless Steel + Plastic
Adjustable Force: 75N . 180N . 300N
Heads: Single Stylus . T-shape Stylus . U-shape Stylus
Device Frequency: 50HZ
Hit Frequency: 8HZ
Voltage: 110V
Optional Plugs: US Plug
Color: Black
Item Size: Approx. 20 x 13cm / 7.9 x 5.1inch

Package Included:

1 x Chiropractic Tool With US Plug
1 x Single Stylus
1 x T-shape Stylus
2 x U-shape Stylus
1 x User Manual
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